Friday, July 31, 2015

Budget Technification

With the new living space, I'm revamping how I handle my budget.  I've created an Android App that is linked to a Google Form.  Our budget is set up with line items, and the Google Form asks for a line item and an amount.  The Form's response is then sent to a spreadsheet, which sums all the line items.

I'm thinking about setting up an IFTTT recipie to send me an email of the summed results every 3 days.  This is the first time I've used most of these tools, but I'm having quite a bit of fun.

Testing Cross Post To FB

This is a test to see if Blogger will cross-post via IFTTT.

Thursday, July 30, 2015

Rarely do I read writing this good.

"The Art of Manliness" is a blog I follow.  The writer lives near where I grew up as a boy.  The blog has posts on "Manly" things in the classic sense of the word, things like Chivalry, How to Be Handy With Tools, guides on hiking, camping, fishing.  The author also posts classical writings that espouse Goodness, Self-Control, Humanity, such was the post that floored me today.

The title of the post was "Manvotional: The Supreme Charity of the World" (

This post introduced me to William George Jordan (1864-1928), an American editor, lecturer and essayist.  It's not surprising that someone who edited both the Ladies Home Journal and The Saturday Evening Post, would have some interesting Truths to tell.

Here are two links to a collection of his essays.  Each essay takes 10 min or so to read, but far longer to absorb. I'm hoping to come back and do a write-up on selected ones sometime in the future.

Thursday, July 16, 2015

First Post

This will someday be the place I maintain my online presence.  For the moment though, it is only a Landing Page.