Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Woody doesn't do Public Protesting

I have never attended a public protest, mainly because I'm not a goddamned Liberal.

The last time I considered joining a protest was back in 2008 when the radical-left socialist and domestic terrorist, William Ayers, was scheduled to speak at my university.  As a veteran, patriot, and solidly partisan Republican, I joined in the popular outrage of the time directed towards Obama and his Libby Crew like Ayers.  This outrage was exampled to me by the conservative pundits I listened to on talk radio three hours every day.  I was fully committed to standing outside the teaching college in my American Legion gear demonstrating my opposition to the presence of this UnAmerican "Big L" Liberal at my school.

Fast forward a decade and my political ideology has shifted to Centrist.  I no longer listen to Beck, Hannity, and Rush on talk radio.  I don't read "The Federalist Papers Project" blog or watch PragerU on Youtube.  I didn't replace those things with their liberal counterparts, but rather changed the methodology of how I keep myself educated.  I very closely follow the daily business of my state government for the 2-3 months they are in session each year.  I monitor the Federal Courts System for issues that are of concern to me.  Basically, I fired The Media.  I'm not an idiot and I don't need those idiots feeding me the Conservative or Progressive or Christian Point-Of-View their Advertisers have paid them for.

Which brings me to this Sunday's PRIDE March at the Nebraska State Capitol Building.  I'll be there.  With my heterosexual christian wife.

My Evangelical brethren and my die-hard Republican friends will not understand my participation in this event.  Their lack of understanding stems from a lack of education, which results in a lack of empathy.... manifesting ultimately in fear and anger.   Those friends consume the viewpoints of sources such as Dr. Carson, Col Alan West, Sean Hannity,  The Family Research Council, Nebraska Family Alliance.  Those sources tell my friends "The Gay Lobby is eroding the Values this country was founded upon.  They are forcing their Gay Agenda down our throats.  They hate God and they hate you.  Fight them, for your children's' sake."  I consider that position incorrect, ignorant, and wrong-headed.

I will be at the event to stand in solidarity with my LBGQT brothers and sisters.  To demonstrate to them that I see them.  As human.  As citizens who deserve equal protection under the law.  As part of my family and my community here in Lincoln where I've made my home.  I will be at the event, so that if my Evangelical or Republican friends choose to counter-protest, they will see me standing there, unashamed and unaccused.

This is not a Republican vs Democrat issue.  It's not a God vs Atheist issue.  This is about human dignity and common decency, an issue of Civil Liberty, and I choose to respond in Love.  Join me.

Nebraska Pride March | Nebraska State Capitol Building | Sunday, 11. June 2017