Monday, May 16, 2016


Are you feeling unengaged with your position in the Righteous Army? Do you seem but a faceless follower in the Phalanx of the Faithful, mere cannon fodder in the fight against Liberals, Humanists, and Secularists? That ain't my gig either, Brother.

I am a Specialist. A highly motivated and highly trained Covert Operations Warrior for Christ. I infiltrate The Enemy's place of work. I infiltrate His social media. Indeed, I infiltrate even the lives over which He holds dominion, often by being that person's One And Only Christian Friend.
I convert no one at the point of a sword. If merciful God, through his Holy Spirit, should bring my Unbelieving Friend to knowledge of our Shared Brokenness, his own conscience will hold that sword... and I'll be right there, ready with a message of Peace, Love, and Forgiveness from Our Father.

It is possible this job is not for everyone. The work is hard and owing to our embedded nature, the Regulars may even question our loyalty at times. But the benefits package is legit. Good food, great friends, and the kind of Engagements guaranteed to provide you War Stories for the grand kids, should you be fortunate enough to make it to old age.

If you would like to know more about the work we do, or if you posses a unique skillset you think could assist us in the accomplishment of our mission, contact me.