Wednesday, April 10, 2019


This post is my response to this:

As a proud son of the Cherokee Indian Nation, by natural right, I claim heritage to the forced familial separation visited upon my ancestors' in our native lands and in the foreign lands that we were forced to journey to.  Native Children were forcibly separated from their Native Parents at the hands of The Religious People - White Christian Hands - fully sanctioned and empowered by the government of their time.

Forced Family Separation upon the brown bodies of the Cherokee People was an act of terrorism then, and Forced Family Separation upon the brown bodies at the Southern Border is an act of terrorism now.

I make my plea for human decency, a supplication for the foreclosure of Forced Family Separation from the toolbox of our Federal Immigration Policy enforcement tools - to the non-christian, non-voting, people of goodwill in this country.  To the so-called "Religious NONES"; You can repudiate this disgraceful stain upon our modern republic in 2020 if you capitalize on your privilege and vote.

Understanding the big picture of immigration in America is difficult - it takes an investment of time, it requires reading, it is hard work.  The Christian-nationalist and White-nationalist propagandized narratives of MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN! are much more easily consumed, as fascism usually is.

If you have questions about: the "Flores Consent Decree", the Executive Orders and Policy Documents implementing "zero tolerance" and Forced Family Separation at the border, the litigation in a number of our Federal Courts concerning those EO's, the policy handbooks that govern DHS and ORR, the transcripts of depositions given by Administration Officials related to their interpretation of our immigration statues and regulations, the dire situation of our country's back-logged Immigration Courts System - I stand willing to share what I know with you.

I have no desire to persuade The Religious People who support "no tolerance" to change their view.  White evangelical christians like the President's personal pastor, Ralph Drollnger, who use scripture to justify torture and terror - let them have their beliefs.

But to the NONE's of a like mind to myself, I urge you to stand up to Ignorance, stand up to Bigotry, and be counted among those who care For The Least Of These.  Join me.

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